venerdì 20 febbraio 2015

Discovering the World through my Brides' weddings!

Since I open my shop on Etsy, I have been working for many weddings all around the world.
This allowed me to know different wedding ceremonies, different kind of receptions and different tastes of course.
Yes, I love this aspect of my job.

But what I have learned last week is even better! I could know a traditional game I've never heard about: the "Mexican Loteria"!
Many of you jet know it, I can imagine. And maybe many of you had jet played it once in their lives.
While it has been a great surprise for me.
Our bingo is made of grey cards and wooden numbers, we give a name to each number but nothing more. (Yes, I love our Bingo, because it reminds me of my Christmas party with my family,... but!).

When I received the request: "Can you please make me a seating chart with Mexican Loteria?" I really get curious... "what is it?"
Well Mexican Loteria is the most colorful and artistic game I've never seen. Its cards are really pieces of art!
It has been a pleasure to add a new item in my shop, and I'm proud to show you this new seating chart:

Mexican Loteria Wedding Seating Chart

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